What’s Dubai’s Mandatory Health Insurance Law

Mandatory Health Insurance Law

According to the best legal advisors in Dubai, the Dubai law makers have made it mandatory to have proper laws in place for the welfare of citizens. One such mandatory law is the health insurance law issued by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Legal advisors in Dubai reveal that this health insurance law is mandatory for Emiratis and expats including the dependents, need to have insurance to pay for their health needs. This law has formed taking inspiration from the one implemented in Abu Dhabi. The health insurance law applies to all areas of the Emirates including the free zones.

The best way to enroll to the plan is to find an insurance company that is licensed by the DHA and talking to its agents to find out about the best fit plans.

The DHA makes insurance mandatory. It is either the responsibility of the employer or the sponsor to provide the insurance. The prices of the plans and the benefits offered are set by the DHA. According to the insurers, a significant number of Dubai expatriates are covered by the insurance because of the mandatory health insurance. Even the populations in Dubai (residents and visa holders) have signed up for medical insurance for their health coverage.
The main aim of the DHA is to push the population towards accessible and affordable health care options. The plan provides a payment option, regardless of the salary earned.

When planning to buy insurance, one needs to understand the terms and conditions associated. If you need legal advice on insurance plans, contact SM Law Firm.

One important thing the Dubai Expats need to keep in mind is to arrange for the health insurance before landing in Dubai. It is also better for them to apply for health card which entitles them to low cost medical treatment.