Top organic pest control techniques that are used in healthcare.

Although many of the pest control services Dubai utilize many methods and techniques for terminating the pests from your home effectively, but it is not necessary that they use only chemical pesticides. They can also imply organic pest control techniques to stay away from pests and unwanted insects from your home. visit for more information. The pesticides and sprays that they use for treating your home is generally organic or contains no or minimum amount of chemical that will not have any toxic effect on the environment but will kill or deter  the pests that may enter your home. Here we shall be taking a look at few of these effective and organic pest control techniques and methods that can help you in getting rid of your pest problem.

  •    Diatomaceous Earth

One of the top sellers in the natural pest control market is this powdery substance called the diatomaceous earth or more famous as Insect Dust. This substance is derived from the fossilized remains of tiny animals known as diatoms. The chalky powder is abrasive in nature causing fatal damage to the exoskeleton of any insects that come into its contact, which ultimately kills the insects within a few hours or day from the contact. You can use this powder in every spot of your home as it harms only and only the pests. Just make sure that the place where you use it is kept dry to let it be effective.

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  •    Boric Acid

Just like diatomaceous earth, boric acid is also used as a natural pest control product. it is also a desiccant and attacks the exterior shell of insects such as roaches and ants, dehydrates and ultimately kill them. It is very safe for pets and kids as well kids and can therefore be used anywhere in the house. You just have to make sure that the place wherever it is applied is kept dry to have the greatest effect.

  •    Pesticide-Free Traps

Another organic product that is quite popular in the pest control market is a pesticide- free trap. This kind of product is very safe and effective method not to actually kill the pests but trap each of them very easily. These again are safe to use around children and pets. Most of these traps use a sticky glue to catch rodents and insects as well. These traps are mostly preferred as unlike other pesticide-based traps, these have the ability to catch pests without using harmful pesticides.

  •    Natural & Organic Baits

Another organic technique to get rid of pests is by making use of several natural and organic bait products. These are very effective for controlling many insects like roaches and ants. These are not harmful to the environment and are effectively used to get rid of  the targeted insects, as they are more likely to be attracted by something they cannot distinguish from their regular food.