Things You Need To Know in Dealing With Divorce In UAE

Filing a divorce and going through a divorce can be very tiring. In such cases, a good family lawyer is a great relief. The family law in Dubai is very strict and it sees to it that the parties involved have a smooth ride.

Family law in Dubai makes it mandatory for the parties involved to be fully aware of the entire process. It is of utmost importance for the couple to know everything they have to face when filing for a divorce.

Here are a few important things to know when dealing with divorce –

  • Most divorce cases filed in UAE are between Muslim – Non-Muslim partners.
  • The divorce proceedings are administered by the Islamic Sharia Law. Under this law, legal separation of a couple becomes is quite difficult. The divorce is approved only if the judge is fully convinced that there is no scope or future for the couple from staying together.
  • For a divorce proceeding to start, the couple needs to file the case under the Moral and Family Guidance Section at the court.
    Once the case is registered, the couple will have to take counseling during which a professional will approach them and will try to assist them in solving their problems.
  • If the couple sticks to their decision of taking a divorce even after counseling, the case will be taken to the court where a judge will take it further.
    For Non-Muslims, the judge will consider the divorce laws followed on their home land. It is advices that Non-Muslim couples file their divorce in their home land.
  • Non-Muslims who are married in UAE may file their divorce in their home land.

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