POSE: a new type of incision-less weight loss surgery

You might have been on a crash diet or a hardcore exercise or may be both, in order to get rid of your obesity. But, none of these would have worked in your case and you might not have lost even a pound of that extra fat from your tummy. Now the other way out for losing weight is undergoing a bariatric surgery. Surgery means horrible cuts on the abdomen, pains and a long recovery time. What if you get an incision free surgery for losing weight? Yes, POSE weight loss surgery is exactly this. It is a new concept of shedding weight without the involvement of any incisions or cuts. Here in this article, we shall be discussing this no- surgical procedure in detail.

                                POSE Procedures

What is POSE?

Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal or the POSE weight loss surgery is a new concept of losing weight. It is a medical procedure performed by a specialist, using an endoscope, in place of cutting the abdomen.

What happens in POSE?

The POSE treatment is performed by inserting an endoscope through the mouth and into the stomach. The specialist makes use of certain endoscopic surgery tools for setting up multiple folds in the wall (tissue) of the stomach. This way the overall capacity of the stomach is reduced, and hence the person feels full for long even on a small portion of food consumption. Although this kind of effect can also be derived from gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery, these involve an incision and a long recovery period.

POSE weight loss results

Being a fairly new technique of weight loss, it would be too soon to speak about what weight loss results can be expected. But according to the people who have undertaken the POSE weight loss surgery have experienced great results from the procedure. They lost enough weight after taking this outpatient treatment coupled with the diet and nutrition suggested by their physician. This procedure is wonderful for all those who are looking to lose some weight without going under the knife.

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