4 Ways to lose weight

Want to lose a few pounds to get into that slim-fit dress you have? If yes, then you must keep yourself ready to sweat and reorganize your diet chart. Of course, you have to keep a check on your calorie count and burn them by powering through a treadmill or by consuming a balanced diet or by both. But, besides these two basic weight loss ways, there are several others that can help in melting those extra fats. Take a look.

  • Bariatric surgery: if “calories in, calories out” method is not working for you at all and your BMI has increased, then you are likely at a higher risk of obesity related diseases like hypertension, diabetes, etc. Don’t wait and immediately consult your doctor. He would surely recommend you a bariatric surgery for losing  the excessive weight on your body. For Dubai residents there are several clinics that offer weight loss surgery at affordable prices.
Weight loss
Weight loss
  • Consume less salt: because sodium contributes to water retention that makes you feel and appear bloated, therefore you must keep a check on your salt intake. Experts suggest that the total consumption of salt should be 2,400 milligrams, which makes out to be one teaspoon per day. Along with your regular salt consumption at home, you must also make sure that your salt intake shouldn’t go beyond the limit when you eat salty snacks or canned food.
  • Lift a little weight: according to fitness experts, strength training helps in building lean muscles in your body, which further helps in burning calories whether you are relaxing or working. Simple push ups or squats or lunges performed everyday along with using a  little weight, say around 5 lbs, are a few must to do workouts if you want to lose weight.
  • Get proper sleep: according to various researches, it was found that sleep deprivation is another big cause of your big fat belly. If you get less than four hours of sleep every night, you will have a slower metabolic rate as compared to those who snooze for around 7 to 8 hours. Hence, getting a good night’s sleep will not only keep you active throughout the day, but will also help you in shedding the excess pounds.

Well, all these ways will give you good results for sure, but if you are looking forward to get immediate weight loss results, then you must seek for a good clinic that offers weight loss surgery.

Aerobics- Helps with weight loss

Aerobic exercises include any cardiovascular activity that is rhythmically sustained for a certain time period. This involves workout of a large group of muscles of the body. This type of exercise also strengthens the lungs, as the need oxygen increase in the body while performing aerobics. If you are getting a weight loss treatment in Dubai, then your doctor would certainly recommend you to practice aerobics after you recover from the surgery.

Benefits of Aerobics:

Aerobics is associated with numerous advantages of an individual’s health and well-being. Few of these benefits include:

  • Practicing any kind of aerobic exercise on a regular basis, your energy levels are increased.
  • Aerobics increase the efficiency of various organs of the body, especially the heart and lungs.
  • This type of workout reduces blood pressure, slows down heart rate and reduces the risk of stroke.
  • Along with an improved physical health,  you also get a better mental health and you feel more relaxed and stress-free.

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