Name Few Supplements For Birds

Having a pet has become a trend these days. Everyone wants to have a pet in their family. The reason can be different like some people want to have pets for their kids; some want it to have a companion in life and few people just love animals and want to have one in their homes.

You must have awakened many times in the morning to the beautiful melody of birds chirping and singing. Wouldn’t you love to see the bird actually making the sounds in your home? This is the reason that people are buying birds as pets over other animals as they give their home a very positive and peaceful atmosphere. But buying a bird is just not enough, you need to be extremely responsible towards your pets as they are dependent on you. It is very easy to find a Pet Corner or a Bird Shop in Dubai. You can buy all the required vitamins and supplements for your bird from these shops because providing proper food is the most important aspect.

Bird shop in Dubai

There are two types of supplements available for birds:-

  •         Food Supplements ( Which can be mixed with food )
  •         Water Supplements ( Which can be mixed in water or light foods )

Every Bird Shop in Dubai provides various options based on your pet’s needs. You can choose from various supplements available for your bird from Pet Corner. While selecting the supplement you need to make sure that you select the best suitable option and you must also consider the type and category of your bird while selecting.

Here Are The Name Of Few Supplements Of Birds:-

  •         Kaytee Exact Premium Daily Diets
  •         eCotrition Vita-Sol Multi Vitamin Supplement
  •         Avi-Era Bird Vitamins
  •         Avian Calcium
  •         Quiko Multivitamin
  •         Missing Link Ultimate Avian

Mainly there are two types of bird categories:-

Hard Bills Or Seed Eaters – Seed eaters eat seeds of different grasses and plants when in their native environments. Providing these birds with commercial seed mixes and leafy greens such as chicory or dandelions, and slice of apple or orange will nourish them very well. Finches and canaries are the example of seed eaters.

Hook Bills – Hook bills consume leaves, fruit and berries so preferably they should be supplied with large seeds like safflower and sunflower together with an assortment of fruit and vegetables. They can consume and digest these items very efficiently. Parakeets and cockatiels are the examples of Hook bills.