How to deal with obesity?

How to deal with obesity?

Obesity is a pandemic disease where one third of the population are sufferers. Recently, the Gulf news has announced that 47.5% of Dubai’s population are overweight, while 13% are obese. The root cause of obesity is not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People cope with this problem by undergoing various obesity surgeries in Dubai.

Some people can reduce a hefty amount of weight to regain their healthy figure, just by consciously watching their diet. However, there are certain health issues that have symptoms like weight gain. Thus, no matter, how hard one tries to maintain weight, ultimately they will gain it back. For instance, people who suffer with diseases like Hypothyroidism, Cushing Syndrome, etc undergoing the best obesity surgeries in Dubai is the best option.

Fortunately, there are several ways in which one can deal with obesity. So, let’s discuss a few:

1. Mental power: first and foremost, one should be very confident and should have will power that they can achieve the task of losing weight. Maintain a journal to express any emotions that one comes across.

2. Turn to a dietician for help: the doctor can help best, when it comes to these issues. He can guide the patient by giving tips on improving their lifestyle and to help convert it into a healthier one. The standard diet and a set of exercises will also be advised by the doctor based on the patient’s weight. He may also prescribe drugs, if needed.

3. Last option: surgery. If one is morbidly obese, and is unable to lose weight on their own. Then, the best option is to undergo a surgery. There are various surgeries to choose from, based on how badly obese one is. They can be as simple as a Gastric Balloon Surgery, or as complicated as a Gastric Bypass. But, post-surgery, the patient will have to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Otherwise, there are high chances of regaining weight.

In Dubai, one of the famous clinics for undergoing obesity surgeries is the Lapsurgery. Here you can find some of the expert physicians who can prescribe with the most appropriate of the surgeries to undergo.