Conditions Dealt by a Cardiologist


The heart is an essential organ in the body. In the event that the heart has issues, the whole body is at a risk. Picking Best cardiologist in Dubai who will offer the best outcomes is vital in the event that you are encountering any issues with your heart. These specialists are trained and experienced to check the heart functions, and they can diagnose issues and discover necessary treatment arrangements. With the most advanced technology and innovation, these specialists have cutting edge equipment and facilities available to them. This equipment is ideal for discovering solutions for a wide range of issues related to the heart.hearth health

There are many procedures that are conducted by Best cardiologist in Dubai to discover the condition of a person’s heart. One of these things is a stress test- A stress test will enable a specialist to find issues with the heart, and this will enable the specialist to think of a suitable treatment plan to cure the ailment. Different sorts of administrations offered incorporate echocardiograms, electrocardiograms and ambulatory monitoring.

Best cardiologist in Dubai looks for heart disease risk by checking risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol blood sugar, family history and lifestyle habits like excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol, obesity, lack of exercise, stress and tension and a fatty diet.

Most of the reputed clinics in Dubai have a team of cardiologists who have had years of training and experience in the field. The common conditions dealt by a cardiologist but not limited to are-

Non-invasive diagnosis and Therapy of Coronary heart disease

Diagnosis and therapy of Patients with Heart failure

Arrhythmia Diagnostics and Therapy

12-channel ECG, 24-long term ECG, 24 hr long term blood pressure

Invasive Diagnostics and Therapy (Left and Right Heart Catheter including intervention on the coronary arteries.

Implantation of Pacemakers and Defi systems

Event recorder implantation and follow up

Heart health check-ups

When an individual sees the heart specialist, he will perform tests on the heart to figure out what the problem is. He/she may even refer the patient to a cardiovascular specialist if heart surgery is required. For more details visit