Things you should know before getting rhinoplasty

People going under the knife for a nose job or Rhinoplasty usually undergo a lot of confusion! Well it is all understandable. According to the best nose surgeons in Dubai, this confusion and the thousands of questions popping up are quite normal.

People usually have a lot of questions because they are curious and tensed at the same time. Are you one such person? Well this post will help you! Medstar, the right destination to find the best nose job surgeons in Dubai, will clarify your doubts.

After consulting a few certified cosmetic plastic surgeons and decided on the best doctor for you, you will have to start preparing for the surgery.

Rhinoplasty Dubai
Rhinoplasty Dubai

Here are a few things you need to know before the surgery:

  1. If you are going to get the rhinoplasty surgery done, then it important to you stop taking general medicines like aspirin, vitamin E, ibuprofen, and herbal supplements. You will have to do this two weeks pre and two weeks post the surgery.
  2. Quit smoking for at least 3 to 5 weeks before the surgery. Plastic surgeons say that Nicotine present in cigarettes can be a horrible product that interferes healing.
  3. Do not forget to take the prescription pills as directed. Stock up them ahead of time so you don’t miss any dose.
  4. Also make sure that you have plenty of lip balm at hand and apply it from time to time. Your mouth tends to get very dry after the surgery as you will be breathing through it. Therefore, you will also get help from cool beverages.
  5. It is better to take the help of a relative or a friend for the first couple days and nights after the surgery. It is always great to have support while healing. You will need someone to fetch your beverages and foods, and to take care of you, to keep track of your meds and other things.
  6. Once the surgery, make sure that you follow up with the surgeon and know if the two of you are on the same page about the whole process and how you are coping. Do tell the doctor what you are going through and your experience post the surgery. Remember that it is not the time to be a shrinking violet so speak up so you may not have to regret later.  

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