Need to get the perfect photogenic smile!

A bright and an attractive smile work wonder in creating the perfect first impression. An attractive smile can create a confident and friendly persona around you. Without speaking a word, your smile has the power to attract people to you and also help in making a good conversation with others. Although a smile is attractive in a special way, some people do feel self-conscious or unsatisfied about their smile. This self-conscious feel, makes them feel timid and nervous around other people at times.

If you feel you want to improve your smile aesthetics and wish to get a Hollywood smile in Dubai with Dental care Dubai, you are at an advantage now. A few years ago, this makeover would have been impossible but due to the recent technological advancements in the field of cosmetics and dentistry; it is now possible for you to achieve a complete smile makeover and attain that Hollywood smile in Dubai in no time.

Hollywood Smile Dubai

Smile Design

These are some of the aspects or the areas that entail a smile makeover if you plan to go in for one. Together, these aspects influence the overall appearance of an individual’s smile and can also provide you with a smile on par with the Hollywood smile in Dubai.

  •   Facial Aesthetics: Facial aesthetics include muscular dimensions, which vary from person to person. Specialists study these aesthetics through visual and photographic analysis. These aesthetics include the shape of the lips that frame your smile when you speak, smile or laugh.
  •   Gingival (Gum) Aesthetics: Gingival or Gum aesthetics includes the amount of gum display, the color of gums and inflammation in gums that is seen by others when you smile. For an attractive and bright smile, it is important that your gums are in perfect health and appearance. Through smile makeovers, common complaints such as an excessive gingival display, uneven gum contours, inflammation and exposed root surfaces can be removed to get the perfect, beautiful smile.
  •   Micro esthetics: Micro esthetics includes subtle characteristics and features that shape your teeth such as their whiteness and unique marks or colorations.
  •   Macroesthetics: Macroesthetics involves the relationship between the teeth and the proportionate size of front teeth, with surrounding tissue and facial characteristics.

With the modern use of technology in cosmetic surgery, smile makeover process is an incredibly simple one, which changes your simple look to a more natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Smile makeovers are common among Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise, Celine Dion, Morgan Freeman and Nicolas Cage. Among cities offering these smile makeovers, Dubai has excellent services that offer smile makeovers and face rejuvenation facilities. Now, you can look glamorous and get a Hollywood smile in Dubai that complements your facial features.