Cupcake Recipe That is Best Partner With Coffee

Drinking coffee has a lot of health benefits according to various researches and scientists. It helps in reducing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and also helps in making the brain healthy. But, there ar many people who just enjoys a perfectly made cup of Joe. However a perfect cup of coffee can be definitely enjoyed more with your favorite bakery delight like a cake or cupcakes. And when it comes to such delicious baked stuff, you can find a number of cake shops offering various cake deals in Dubai. Therefore you are tempted to buy such goods from these stores and enjoy with your favorite cup of coffee.

cake and coffee

G’s is one of the famous bakeries in Dubai where you can get almost every sort of bakery product to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here you can get various cake deals in Dubai, when you place your order online. You can pair these gourmet cakes or cupcakes with coffee and make your coffee party a hit amongst your friends. And if you want to make the cupcakes at home, then the below given recipe of plain cupcakes without any frosting will also do the thing
Ingredients required for the plain cupcake
· 250g of softened butter
· 250g of caster sugar
· 250g of all-purpose flour
· A pinch of salt
· 4 medium-sized eggs
· 4 tablespoons of unpasteurized milk
· 2 muffin holder tins (each holds 12 muffins).
Preparation Method
1. Preheat the oven at 3500F.
2. Place the butter into the bowl and beat it until it smoothes. Add all of the ingredients including the caster sugar, flour, eggs, milk and the pinch of salt to the bowl of butter. Mix them altogether until the mixture smoothens.
3. Using a spoon, divide the mixture in the muffin holder equally.
4. After that place each of the tins inside the preheated oven for a duration of 15 minutes and bake until they are golden brown.
5. Leave the cupcakes to cool or serve them hot with coffee. It will surely be relished.