Good Habits Parents Should Teach Their Kids

Teaching your kids good habit is very is essential for their future. But many parents do not realize the fact that infants, even though they have few teeth, can develop decades and gum problems if proper care is not taken. So, it is recommended that they should start making routines visits to the Best Orthodontist Dubai to get an opinion. Here are few good habit that every parent should teach their children-

Cleaning habit

Best Orthodontist Dubai suggest that parents can clean even before your kids start developing teeth. wipe the gums and teeth, if any, with a clean and soft washcloth to clear cavity causing bacteria.

Parents should start brushing their kid’s teeth as soon as they appear, with good fluoride toothpaste and infant brush. Make sure they brush their teeth in the morning when they wake up and at the night before they hit the bed to maintain good oral hygiene.

Start flossing once you notice two of the teeth touching each other. Take special care and ask you a pediatric dentist to guide on proper techniques. Make it all the more exciting by demonstrating it to them. Watch when your kids floss their teeth.

Habit of visiting a dental clinic

the first routine dental checkup for a kid typically includes x-ray scan and teeth cleaning performed by your dental expert to check for any tooth decay, cavities, gum disease and proper development of teeth. Apart from the routine cleaning and oral examinations, he may also teach your kid about good brushing and flossing habits for maintaining a good oral health.

dentists recommend that children should visit the dentist once every six months for a routine cleaning and checkup..

Eat healthy habits

kids eating patterns and food choices may affect their teeth growth. Add nutritious food in their diet including milk, curd and cheese, green leafy vegetables and natural products. Indulge them in good eating patterns and habits that promote a balanced diet and avoid sugary snacks.

Not only infants, kids can easily develop cavities if they don’t stick to a good diet and adopt healthy habits. With the assistance of your dental practitioner, you can set a particular timetable for feeding, eat, brush and floss in order to maintain a good oral health.

What Is Invisalign And How It Works?

Dental braces rectify the misaligned or crooked teeth, which in the long run may cause a few problems with our day to day functions such as eating or talking. Many orthodontists recommend wearing dental braces during early childhood and adolescence since this is the stage when the teeth move their permanent positions, but nowadays people of any age use Invisalign’s in Dubai because they are nearly invisible unless you are pretty close to someone.

The invisible braces are the most popular choice of teeth straightening as it can boost the confidence of lots of individuals who are afraid of showing their smiles to the world. Many dental clinics offer Invisalign treatment in Dubai. Let us have a look at what is it and how does it work to help you get the smiles you always wanted.

What Is Invisalign

There are invisible braces are made up of smooth, comfortable plastic instead of metal and wires which make it less irritating for your gums and cheeks. It is considered as one of the effective treatment for correcting a wide range of issues crowded, misaligned- overbite, underbite, and crossbite.

It uses a series of trays that are customized for you, to straighten your teeth step-by-step. These trays are called “aligners”, which are to be changed once in every two weeks. But the entire process may take about one year, depending upon how much straightening you require.

Your treatment plan and customized aligners

your orthodontist will use a digital scanner to create a fast and precise 3-D digital image of your teeth. Then he will design a treatment plan depending on the exact moment of your teeth and how long your treatment will go on.

With the help of computerized imaging, you can also witness the changes like how your teeth will move and improve your new smile.

The only downside is that not every dentist can perform this treatment. They have to be trained on how to carry out this procedure. Check with your dentist if he is licensed to do such treatments.

At Cocoona dental care we have a team of specialist who is experienced and trained in performing various treatments to improve your smile. Check our website for more details.

Need to get the perfect photogenic smile!

A bright and an attractive smile work wonder in creating the perfect first impression. An attractive smile can create a confident and friendly persona around you. Without speaking a word, your smile has the power to attract people to you and also help in making a good conversation with others. Although a smile is attractive in a special way, some people do feel self-conscious or unsatisfied about their smile. This self-conscious feel, makes them feel timid and nervous around other people at times.

If you feel you want to improve your smile aesthetics and wish to get a Hollywood smile in Dubai with Dental care Dubai, you are at an advantage now. A few years ago, this makeover would have been impossible but due to the recent technological advancements in the field of cosmetics and dentistry; it is now possible for you to achieve a complete smile makeover and attain that Hollywood smile in Dubai in no time.

Hollywood Smile Dubai

Smile Design

These are some of the aspects or the areas that entail a smile makeover if you plan to go in for one. Together, these aspects influence the overall appearance of an individual’s smile and can also provide you with a smile on par with the Hollywood smile in Dubai.

  •   Facial Aesthetics: Facial aesthetics include muscular dimensions, which vary from person to person. Specialists study these aesthetics through visual and photographic analysis. These aesthetics include the shape of the lips that frame your smile when you speak, smile or laugh.
  •   Gingival (Gum) Aesthetics: Gingival or Gum aesthetics includes the amount of gum display, the color of gums and inflammation in gums that is seen by others when you smile. For an attractive and bright smile, it is important that your gums are in perfect health and appearance. Through smile makeovers, common complaints such as an excessive gingival display, uneven gum contours, inflammation and exposed root surfaces can be removed to get the perfect, beautiful smile.
  •   Micro esthetics: Micro esthetics includes subtle characteristics and features that shape your teeth such as their whiteness and unique marks or colorations.
  •   Macroesthetics: Macroesthetics involves the relationship between the teeth and the proportionate size of front teeth, with surrounding tissue and facial characteristics.

With the modern use of technology in cosmetic surgery, smile makeover process is an incredibly simple one, which changes your simple look to a more natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Smile makeovers are common among Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise, Celine Dion, Morgan Freeman and Nicolas Cage. Among cities offering these smile makeovers, Dubai has excellent services that offer smile makeovers and face rejuvenation facilities. Now, you can look glamorous and get a Hollywood smile in Dubai that complements your facial features.