Did you know the top selling Gucci products in UAE?

Fashion folks in the UAE love Gucci mostly because of the brand value. The luxury brand company offers its shoppers with a wide variety of product range to choose from. But with so many products from the single brand, there is every chance for shoppers to get confused.

To make shopping easy, we have compiled a list of top selling Gucci UAE, read on to find out –

  1. Embroidered leather jacket – Look bold and trendy in this stylish leather jacket with studded details and bold prints. Flaunt you favourite brand in the most audacious way.
  2. Leather platform pumps – Turn into an insta fashionista with these classy t-strap pumps. The multi-toned leather pumps are a class-personified.
  3. Wool cashmere – is there a person who doesn’t like cashmere? Doubtful right? To quench the thirst of its cashmere lovers, Gucci has come up with its embroidered wool cashmere that is both elegant and stylish… stay warm while you look classy!
  4. Gucci flat top sunglasses – The brand offers the best flat top sunglasses that are appealing to the eye. They give a statement look clubbed with class and quirk.
  5. Postcard print skirt – Being a fashion leader from its inception, Gucci knows how to make the right style statement and it is visible in this tastefully designed skirt.



How essential oils help manage weight

Before undergoing Gastric balloon Dubai , try using essential oils for achieving weight loss. Few claimed that a blend of essential oils promote healthy metabolism, curb hunger, help burn fat and lose weight. Not only that it is a safe and effective option for losing moderate weight. Here are 3 essential oils that really help in weight loss.

Grapefruit oil

Grapefruit oil is made from the grapefruit peel and it contains a high amount of D-limonene that increases the rate of metabolism. It is excellent diuretic and lymphatic stimulant, also acts as a cleansing your lymphatic glance.It works by activating enzymes in saliva that help in breaking down the brown body fat. Also, when grapefruit oil is mixed with patchouli oil, it lowers the craving and hunger making it the perfect solution to lose weight fast and that too in a healthy way.

Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil is another excellent oil to support weight loss by regulating blood glucose levels and Glucose tolerance factor (GTF) in your body. It helps in balancing blood sugar, which in turn helps in weight reduction and decreases the craving for sugar.This makes it an ideal oil for anybody who suffers from diabetes.

Ginger oil

Another essential oil that supports weight loss and reduces sugar cravings. The components ginger oil in ginger reduces the disease-causing inflammation in your intestine, improves digestion and absorption of the nutrients in the body.

Essential oils have been proven to be most effective for reducing weight gain for over 5000 years. Grapefruit oil, cinnamon oil, and ginger all or the most effective essential oils to treat weight loss. You can be mixed with water and drink it or apply it to the skin or diffuse it.


School security concerns you shouldn’t ignore

School security is a high priority for teachers, students and government leaders alike. With the events like the influx of drugs, bringing handguns to school and violence to school campuses, it has become more important for school administrations to choose the right solution to provide a safe and secure environment for students with the resources available to them. Security contractors in Oman suggest the use of some popular safety tools like security cameras, metal detectors, and two-way radios to improve schools safety.

security system

Regardless of the kind of school or age group of the students, there are at least three primary school security concerns you shouldn’t ignore-

  • Bullying or abusing fellow students
  • Sexual predators
  • Criminal actions, such as drug sale or use, school equipment theft, vandalism, etc.

A Greater number of students who have been bullied fail to report the incident to school administrators, maybe as a result of dread of further harassing. This implies the conduct of student’s bullies often goes unpunished. Hence, school administrations install security cameras in school premises to minimize the damage.

Sexual predators on school campuses are another important issue that has been overlooked many times. Sexual predators and video files hang around an obstructive Leon the school campuses out in the parking lots during school hours, intervals, extracurricular activities. School administration can catch hold of them with the help of recorded footages captured by CCTV and informing police about the threatening situations immediately.

Criminal action is additionally an issue happening on school property. Drugs being dealt on school grounds, school equipment theft, and vandalism has been a highly problematic issue for many years. The presence of highly visible surveillance cameras at strategic locations, such as buildings, playground/ school premises, can prevent the dealing and usage of drugs.

The school security guards can check the school premises with the help of metal detectors, viewing security camera positions and take real-time action in notifying authorities and evacuate children, teachers, and staff in case of emergencies, such as fires or other dangerous situations. If you are looking for effective Security Solutions in Oman, visit www.majeestech.com/.

Ideal CCTV Cameras For Hospitals

Whether your hospital is famous for an ideal routine checkup, for an elaborate and accurate diagnosis or for giving the best treatment, you cannot just be satisfied with the growing popularity. Most of us think that the basic requirement to make a hospital trustworthy and best in class is just the services of most knowledgeable and experienced doctors along with latest and modern machines and equipment. But this isn’t completely true. We often come across news articles about one or the other hospital getting embroiled in various legal problems. The most common among these is theft of medicines or missing records about who was on duty, when, etc.

Most of these become complex and un-escapable due to lack of proper security system like CCTV cameras. To solve such problems, installation of proper and ideal CCTV cameras is very strongly advised. But how to find the proper and ideal CCTV camera in Oman is a task in itself. Therefore, here we are listing down some of the factors that you may consider while installing the CCTV cameras for a proper and complete security.

  • Type of cameras: One can easily find various types of CCTV cameras in Oman like dome CCTV camera, bullet CCTV camera, C-mount CCTV camera. day/night CCTV camera, infrared/night vision CCTV camera, network/IP CCTV camera, Wireless CCTV camera, high definition CCTV camera, etc. All these cameras have different features hence serve different purposes. To get the best surveillance and security, you must choose a combination of various CCTV camera types, according to their features.
  •  Don’t forget about clarity: Installing CCTV cameras will become useless if proper cameras are not installed in terms of clarity. Various factors like the recording capacity, resolution, area to be covered, height at which the camera is installed, etc play a vital role. This must be properly considered before finalizing the installation of CCTV cameras.
  •         Reliable service provider: If you do not hire an experienced, reliable and dependable service provider, you may face technical or other glitches in your CCTV camera system. To avoid these and in cases of such rare occurrences, having a reliable CCTV service provider in Oman will minimize your hassles up to a great extent.

Majees Technical Services LLC is one of the most dependable and trustworthy CCTV cameras service providers in Oman. With over a decade of experience and one of the most expert teams, we are sure to understand your needs and serve you the best!


Online shopping- a paradise for fitness freaks

Online shopping is not restricted to electronics and household products, even fitness freaks can buy fitness bands from online shopping sites in Dubai. You can find various brands wrist brands to track and measures your fitness to stay fit and healthy.

These fitness trackers available at Dubai online shopping electronics related sites offer heartbeat monitor and sleep tracker. They also provide notifications about how many calories you have to burn in a day. The trackers are very easy to use, adding a style statement to your wrist.

Here are top 3 fitness band trackers available online-

online shopping for electronics

Fitbit charge 2

Fitbit is one of the leading brands that offer the best quality of fitness trackers. Apart from tracking step and sleep Count, it has some special features like comes with VO 2 max, fitness measuring scientific gauge and breathing training app to fight stress which makes it a topper.

Moov Now

There are many fitness wristbands online, but moov now is the top fitness brand in the world right now. It comes at an affordable price and offers great battery life. It is not just useful for tracking steps, it comes with boxing and sleeps monitoring features.

It does not support GPS settings or have some of the complex fitness apps that other brands offer, but if you’re looking for fitness tracker for everyday use that does not burn your pocket, mood now is a perfect choice.

The Garmin Vivosmart HR

It is the best fitness tracker and best ever review scored device. With advanced optical systems that operated fully to give you the ultimate fitness tracking guide, this band is the ideal one with GPS tracking.
This device offers battery life of around one week, though lacks swimming mode, it is water resistant to about 50 m. It is available at a decent price, and you can easily find many colors to suit your style if you choose from the online portals.

There are many other fitness products available online, you can choose the product according to your needs. For more details on online shopping in Dubai log onto https://www.edubbuy.com/


POSE: a new type of incision-less weight loss surgery

You might have been on a crash diet or a hardcore exercise or may be both, in order to get rid of your obesity. But, none of these would have worked in your case and you might not have lost even a pound of that extra fat from your tummy. Now the other way out for losing weight is undergoing a bariatric surgery. Surgery means horrible cuts on the abdomen, pains and a long recovery time. What if you get an incision free surgery for losing weight? Yes, POSE weight loss surgery is exactly this. It is a new concept of shedding weight without the involvement of any incisions or cuts. Here in this article, we shall be discussing this no- surgical procedure in detail.

                                POSE Procedures

What is POSE?

Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal or the POSE weight loss surgery is a new concept of losing weight. It is a medical procedure performed by a specialist, using an endoscope, in place of cutting the abdomen.

What happens in POSE?

The POSE treatment is performed by inserting an endoscope through the mouth and into the stomach. The specialist makes use of certain endoscopic surgery tools for setting up multiple folds in the wall (tissue) of the stomach. This way the overall capacity of the stomach is reduced, and hence the person feels full for long even on a small portion of food consumption. Although this kind of effect can also be derived from gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery, these involve an incision and a long recovery period.

POSE weight loss results

Being a fairly new technique of weight loss, it would be too soon to speak about what weight loss results can be expected. But according to the people who have undertaken the POSE weight loss surgery have experienced great results from the procedure. They lost enough weight after taking this outpatient treatment coupled with the diet and nutrition suggested by their physician. This procedure is wonderful for all those who are looking to lose some weight without going under the knife.

If you too are looking to undergo the POSE procedure in Dubai then visit the website https://www.weightlosssurgerydubai.com/ and consult Dr.Juneja, who is one of the best weight loss surgeons here to get a better guidance about POSE

Cupcake Recipe That is Best Partner With Coffee

Drinking coffee has a lot of health benefits according to various researches and scientists. It helps in reducing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and also helps in making the brain healthy. But, there ar many people who just enjoys a perfectly made cup of Joe. However a perfect cup of coffee can be definitely enjoyed more with your favorite bakery delight like a cake or cupcakes. And when it comes to such delicious baked stuff, you can find a number of cake shops offering various cake deals in Dubai. Therefore you are tempted to buy such goods from these stores and enjoy with your favorite cup of coffee.

cake and coffee

G’s is one of the famous bakeries in Dubai where you can get almost every sort of bakery product to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here you can get various cake deals in Dubai, when you place your order online. You can pair these gourmet cakes or cupcakes with coffee and make your coffee party a hit amongst your friends. And if you want to make the cupcakes at home, then the below given recipe of plain cupcakes without any frosting will also do the thing
Ingredients required for the plain cupcake
· 250g of softened butter
· 250g of caster sugar
· 250g of all-purpose flour
· A pinch of salt
· 4 medium-sized eggs
· 4 tablespoons of unpasteurized milk
· 2 muffin holder tins (each holds 12 muffins).
Preparation Method
1. Preheat the oven at 3500F.
2. Place the butter into the bowl and beat it until it smoothes. Add all of the ingredients including the caster sugar, flour, eggs, milk and the pinch of salt to the bowl of butter. Mix them altogether until the mixture smoothens.
3. Using a spoon, divide the mixture in the muffin holder equally.
4. After that place each of the tins inside the preheated oven for a duration of 15 minutes and bake until they are golden brown.
5. Leave the cupcakes to cool or serve them hot with coffee. It will surely be relished.

Conditions Dealt by a Cardiologist

The heart is an essential organ in the body. In the event that the heart has issues, the whole body is at a risk. Picking Best cardiologist in Dubai who will offer the best outcomes is vital in the event that you are encountering any issues with your heart. These specialists are trained and experienced to check the heart functions, and they can diagnose issues and discover necessary treatment arrangements. With the most advanced technology and innovation, these specialists have cutting edge equipment and facilities available to them. This equipment is ideal for discovering solutions for a wide range of issues related to the heart.hearth health

There are many procedures that are conducted by Best cardiologist in Dubai to discover the condition of a person’s heart. One of these things is a stress test- A stress test will enable a specialist to find issues with the heart, and this will enable the specialist to think of a suitable treatment plan to cure the ailment. Different sorts of administrations offered incorporate echocardiograms, electrocardiograms and ambulatory monitoring.

Best cardiologist in Dubai looks for heart disease risk by checking risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol blood sugar, family history and lifestyle habits like excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol, obesity, lack of exercise, stress and tension and a fatty diet.

Most of the reputed clinics in Dubai have a team of cardiologists who have had years of training and experience in the field. The common conditions dealt by a cardiologist but not limited to are-

Non-invasive diagnosis and Therapy of Coronary heart disease

Diagnosis and therapy of Patients with Heart failure

Arrhythmia Diagnostics and Therapy

12-channel ECG, 24-long term ECG, 24 hr long term blood pressure

Invasive Diagnostics and Therapy (Left and Right Heart Catheter including intervention on the coronary arteries.

Implantation of Pacemakers and Defi systems

Event recorder implantation and follow up

Heart health check-ups

When an individual sees the heart specialist, he will perform tests on the heart to figure out what the problem is. He/she may even refer the patient to a cardiovascular specialist if heart surgery is required. For more details visit http://germanclinic-dubai.com/dhcc/.

How to deal with obesity?

Obesity is a pandemic disease where one third of the population are sufferers. Recently, the Gulf news has announced that 47.5% of Dubai’s population are overweight, while 13% are obese. The root cause of obesity is not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People cope with this problem by undergoing various obesity surgeries in Dubai.

Some people can reduce a hefty amount of weight to regain their healthy figure, just by consciously watching their diet. However, there are certain health issues that have symptoms like weight gain. Thus, no matter, how hard one tries to maintain weight, ultimately they will gain it back. For instance, people who suffer with diseases like Hypothyroidism, Cushing Syndrome, etc undergoing the best obesity surgeries in Dubai is the best option.

Fortunately, there are several ways in which one can deal with obesity. So, let’s discuss a few:

1. Mental power: first and foremost, one should be very confident and should have will power that they can achieve the task of losing weight. Maintain a journal to express any emotions that one comes across.

2. Turn to a dietician for help: the doctor can help best, when it comes to these issues. He can guide the patient by giving tips on improving their lifestyle and to help convert it into a healthier one. The standard diet and a set of exercises will also be advised by the doctor based on the patient’s weight. He may also prescribe drugs, if needed.

3. Last option: surgery. If one is morbidly obese, and is unable to lose weight on their own. Then, the best option is to undergo a surgery. There are various surgeries to choose from, based on how badly obese one is. They can be as simple as a Gastric Balloon Surgery, or as complicated as a Gastric Bypass. But, post-surgery, the patient will have to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Otherwise, there are high chances of regaining weight.

In Dubai, one of the famous clinics for undergoing obesity surgeries is the Lapsurgery. Here you can find some of the expert physicians who can prescribe with the most appropriate of the surgeries to undergo.

Beauty Tips for Every Woman

Beauty is the real jewelry of a woman which should never be undermined. We all admire beauty, be it nature, women, and girls who are beautiful, either from inside or outside.To enhance one’s beauty, a lady can take up natural or synthetic methods. There are many natural ways to enhance a woman’s beauty but it takes some time and does not have any side effects whereas, on the other hand, synthetic methods in Dubai like Full body hair removal and facelift give instant results but have negative side effects.

Green tea for beauty
Green tea is not only a miraculous detox drink; but also a miraculous for your skin. It helps in reducing swelling and stiffening the skin. One can place the cooled tea bags over closed eyes for 10 minutes and get rid of those disappointing dark circles.

Sweet almond oil to remove lipstick
To remove lipstick, drizzle some sweet almond oil over a cotton ball and dab it over your lips. It is a least expensive makeup remover.

Vaseline for better eyebrow shaping
You can tame your raucous eyebrows by simply applying some Vaseline over it and after that utilizing your eyebrow brush for shaping.

Coconut hair massage before washing
With all that damage we cause them by hair-coloring, straining etc, nourish your hair gentle massage with some coconut oil ten minutes before shampooing can add miracles to your hair.

Don’t cut cuticles
While manicuring your hands, don’t ever cut those thin bits called fingernail skin. Because they act as a seal of protection and if cut, it’ll leave you unfortified to microscopic organisms or even contamination. To keep yourself from infection, push back your fingernail skin in the wake of cleaning up, apply moisturizer.

Hydrating your body
Drink at least 8 glasses of water for keeping your skin smooth and radiant. Cleanse your face at least twice every day with cold water. Stay away from warm water as it opens the pores enabling dirt to enter into them.

Last but not the least, always carry a beautiful smile. After all, it’s the best makeup women can wear.